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We are senior attorneys with a combined 25+ years of experience in the gender-based violence and public interest law sectors in South Africa. Our strategic litigation, advocacy, and law reform work has uniquely positioned us to offer practical yet strategic services to prevent and combat sexual misconduct in the workplace. Our specialised skills include policy review and development, training and facilitation, and dispute resolution. Contact us today for expert advice on creating a safe working environment, protecting your workplace productivity, and handling sexual harassment complaints — we look forward to hearing from you.

thusa consulting

Employers have the support they need to deal with sexual harassment expertly and courageously, to create and maintain safe and productive places of work.


To empower workplaces to develop and use sexual harassment policy and procedure strategically to minimise legal risk, protect productivity, and promote healthy organisational culture with employees.







Sanja Bornman

Sanja Bornman is a co-founder of Thusa Consulting. She is a senior attorney and gender law and policy specialist. Her work is focused primarily on gendered discrimination and sexual violence. Sanja holds an LLB and LLM in human rights and labour law, and consults for a range of local and international organisations. She is skilled in policy analysis and development, administrative enquiries and adjudication, strategic advocacy and law reform, training and facilitation, and impact litigation. In the course of her career she has managed programmes dedicated to women and LGBTIQ+ rights in a number of South Africa’s foremost public interest law organisations, including Lawyers for Human Rights and the Women’s Legal Centre. In these roles she litigated several cases that changed discriminatory laws and policies in South Africa, including in the Constitutional Court, and also gained extensive experience in socio-economic rights, and sexual and reproductive health rights. She has served on the boards of the Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition, Triangle Project, and the board of the South African Federation for Mental Health since 2017.

Jeanne Bodenstein

Jeanne Bodenstein is a co-founder of Thusa Consulting. She is a gender-based violence expert and admitted attorney. She has worked in both the non-profit and corporate sectors and has the rare combination of experience in both gender law and labour law, making her uniquely positioned to provide expert support in managing sexual harassment in the workplace. As a qualified commercial mediator through the University of Cape Town, she is able to strategically advise on and implement different methods of conflict resolution when this is required. Jeanne holds a B.Comm(Law) and LLB. Through her work at the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, Jeanne has contributed to national legislative and policy changes to ensure that survivors of sexual violence receive better support when accessing the criminal justice system. During her professional career she had the opportunity to participate in the DG Murray Trust Innovation Fellowship and to be named one of Treeshake’s Fifty Changemakers Advancing Gender Equality in South Africa.


A one-stop service for your workplace when sexual harassment happens.

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